Satyr Productions

Bespoke Podcast Mastering and Podcast Editing

We do it by hand, the old fashion way. No algorithms or shortcuts. High quality results or you get your money back.


As podcasters ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to constantly worry that your awesome content won’t be given the time of day because you can’t produce good audio quality. Our editing and mastering services come standard with all the things you need to sound your best.

We do not work within a contract, you can leave any time if you are not happy with our service. We work hard, we work honest, and we can make you sound really good. Sign up with us and let’s get started.


no frills, great sound
  • Breath removal
  • Background noise removal
  • Sibilance reduction
  • Voice de-noising
  • Stereoization
  • ID3 tagging
  • Delivery in Mp3 and WAV
  • Single host only
  • Four episodes a month


error free transcription
$200/month per speaker
  • This is an add-on service
  • We do this by hand, not by automated script or fancy software. This is a real human being listening to your episode and transcribing your words. An hour long episode generally takes 4 hours to transcribe. Error free results guaranteed where vocals are discernible. Provided as a finished PDF or DOCX file.
  • Restrictions: episodes cannot exceed 1-hour in finished runtime
  • If you break this down to hourly it is roughly $12.50/hr or about $0.21/min.

Want to work with us?

Awesome! There’s no guarantee we have room in our line up to fit you, remember: we’re a boutique production company, we can’t take on an unlimited number of clients because we want to keep the high level of quality and service that we started with. That said, if we have space in the schedule we would love to work with you! Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.