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Licensed Soundscapes – Terms of Use

Soundscape Albums: Terms of Use

Firstly, thank you for licensing one of our Soundscape Albums. We’re a small production company and without folks like you valuing what we create, we wouldn’t be here.

Secondly, these terms are very fast and loose, half because we trust you and half because we’re not lawyers, we’re just creators. These terms may get more specific and wordier as we release more and more Soundscape Albums but for now: use your head and if you have any questions email Tanner at

Our Soundscape Albums are licensed at $150 for YouTube Channels and Podcasts and just $500 for Independent films. What follows is an outline of what that licensing fee does entitle you to and what it does not entitle you to.

By Project License

Our albums are licensed on a by-project basis only. Purchase one album and use it in one Project. If you have two Projects, you have to buy another license; if you have three, three, and so on and so forth.

Definition of a Project

For Film

An independent and feature-length (40+ minutes) film. Let’s be clear about our aim here: We’re creating these albums for the little guys and gals. We don’t want 20th Century Fox trying to license our Film Score Albums for use in a multi-million dollar film. The big guys can afford to drop $1M on the Philharmonic, they are not who we seek to serve. Unfortunately defining what is and isn’t “independent” is pretty difficult and leaves too much room for clever lawyer-types to move words around and turn our intent into something it never was. So, the safest way we can think to do this is to define an “independent film” as being a film with a production budget of less than $1M in total.

For YouTube Channels or Podcast

A single video or a single channel; both of these can be considered a “Project”. Your license does not cover you for cross-channel projects. If “Zack’s Cool Channel About Corgis” licenses one of our albums, Zack can only use the music covered by that license on “Zack’s Cool Channel About Turkeys” – he cannot use it on his sister-channel “Zack’s Slightly Less Cool Channel About Ants”.  Same for podcasts: License it for Podcast #1 and use it on Podcast #1; you cannot use it on Podcast #2 or #3 or #101.

An Aside

A project includes any and all promotional material for the project. If your project includes a video trailer, a radio commercial, a podcast advertisement, or anything else intended specifically to promote the project (and which is directly tied to it), this is covered by your license.

No X-Rated Application

We’re not prudes and we don’t judge, but we don’t want our music associated with adult content. Your license restricts the use of our music to R, PG-13, PG, and G-rated films. Our concept of what constitutes “adult” is: wanton and gratuitous sex and sexual themes; specifically pornography. Love scenes are fine, sex in a production is fine, blood and gore is fine, foul language is fine – pornography is not fine. Use your common sense here, this should be a clear enough stipulation. If you have questions or are unsure if your production would violate this restriction: ask us first.


Film or Video

We require only that somewhere in the credits at the end of the film it be clearly stated that the soundtrack of the film was “Produced by Satyr Productions” and our logo is prominently displayed immediately above or below that statement. You need only do this in the end-credits of the film. Including mentions to us anywhere else is unnecessary but, of course, appreciated. We also require that should you be asked about the source of the score, be it during an interview or something of the like, that you credit Satyr Productions.


We require only that somewhere in the description of the episode it be clearly stated that the music was “Produced by Satyr Productions” and a link is provided in this same statement to our website

In addition to these things you also grant us permission to place your project in our portfolio and to mention it as something we wrote the music for.

Expiration of License


Once the project is published (or released to the general public) it is considered complete. Once a project is complete the license for the music expires and any additional creations would require an additional license. The exception here would be post-release promotional material, but use your common sense here. For example, a post-release trailer is fine, a trailer for you film’s sequel is not fine. Again, if you have questions, ask us.

Podcast or YouTube Channel

Podcasts and YouTube Channels are ongoing endeavors with no static ending. For this reason, Podcasts and YouTube Channels are not restricted to using the music in one episode or one video, this would be unfair. A podcast may continue to use this music until the podcast stops producing under the name which entered into the licensing agreement. A YouTube channel may continue to use the licensed Soundscape Album in its creations until the Channel stops producing videos. In short: Your license permits your show or channel continued use of the Soundscape Album and its content for long as the show or channel for which you purchased it retains the same identity.

Please Note:

Any violation of these terms will revoke your right to the purchased content without refund of licensing fee or associated costs.

These terms of use can change. When they do, they are not retroactive. Please check them regularly.

This document was last updated July 11th, 2017 at 01:00PM EST