Satyr Productions


Soundscapes from the Underground

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  • Label: Satyr Productions
  • Release: 29 Jan, 2018
  • Catalog No: 0010

Soundscapes from the Underground contains 36 tracks

Hear me, Paladins! Come hither, mighty Barbarians! Eyes to me, Rangers, Rogues, Priests, and Mages! Tary, please, and stay with me a while as I play for you a melody of subterranean adventure. The sounds of underground seas teaming with vicious finned and many-teethed water beasts. Moaning stones that reflect the sounds of dwarven craft, deep Stygian voids which obscure the most terrible and unmentionable of dark and evil things, and the muted, grating sound of chains being drug across the craggy jagged floors of some unseeable, unknowable depth. Close your eyes and do your best to keep your wits as I sing to you the Soundscapes of the Underground.

This 36-track album contains over 10-hours of enemy-, mood-, and location-specific music meant to enhance your underground campaigns and immerse your players in the game. Written and Produced entirely by Satyr Productions and released in partnership with Rat King Games, this first foray into tabletop gaming music is intended to be the first of many and is offered to the fantasy role-playing community as proof we can deliver some of the best sound in the business. If well-received, more will follow. Enjoy!