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Soundscape Album: Voyage

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  • Label: Satyr Productions
  • Release: 05 Aug, 2017
  • Catalog No: 0008
  • rushing free upon the sea

    Waves Along the Bow

  • playful mischief never hurt anyone

    Curiosity in the Woods

  • perhaps we're not the first

    Darkness Settles

The Voyage soundscape contains 29 tracks

Voyage is a professional orchestral soundscape written, designed, and composed by Satyr Productions for use in independent film projects by independent filmmakers. By purchasing this album for use in a commercial production (or non-commercial production) you must, and do, agree to all terms of use regarding said use. You can find these terms at

Coverart for Voyage soundscape

Perhaps it is the gap between the dock and the ship offering to take you on an adventure, or the thin border between where you’ve always felt safe and where you’ve never been. Whatever the threshold, whatever the point of no return, this is the album for it – this is Voyage.

Voyage inspires abandoning the known and embracing the risk in seeking out the unknown – it is the call to adventure, the race to a new world; undiscovered and untouched. Are you ready? Let’s go.