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Soundscape Album: Heroic King

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  • Label: Satyr Productions
  • Release: 04 Jul, 2017
  • Catalog No: 0004
  • Main Theme A

    A Welling in the Chest

  • Main Theme B

    The Drums of Valor

  • Main Theme C

    Emergence from Icy Fjords

  • Ambient Track

    Lair of the Fire Dragon

  • Ambient Track

    Perhaps Not

29 Total Tracks

The Heroic King is a professional orchestral soundscape written, designed, and composed by Satyr Productions for use in independent film projects by independent filmmakers. By purchasing this album for use in a commercial production (or non-commercial production) you must, and do, agree to all terms of use regarding said use. You can find these terms at

The Heroic King Film Score Album Cover

The Heroic King Film Score Album Cover (full)

The Heroic King features music fit for a Norse, Celtic, or Anglo-Saxon king. Each track is built off the others and delivers the experience of both the icy fjords of Scandinavia and the rolling rocky highlands of the United Kingdom. Inspired by our score of Beowulf: A Mythosymphony, The Heroic King draws on an ancient orchestra of forgotten instruments to help you transport your audience from the theater to 1000 AD.