Satyr Productions

Custom Music Composition for Podcasts

Every note, every bar, every crescendo, our compositions are created just for you and intended to help you tell your story better.


Stories are our business and our passion. Every great myth or folktale reveals something wonderful and interesting about our shared humanity but too often is it that we forget to include a critical ingredient in our stories: sound. A ghost story told on a camping trip isn’t just the delivery of words to the ears of your fellow campers, it is the crackling campfire, the hooting owl, the rustling leaves in the night breeze – it is the entire environment within which you are telling the story. This is why our stories never feature narration on its own and always include custom music composition and soundscaping.


In the beginning it looks like careful consideration and research, and in the end it sounds like the common thread running through your story, bounding it together and creating a consistent experience. The start of any custom music composition is a conversation about your story and what it’s intended to communicate to the audience. After we understand your story’s intent, we start researching its various elements: where did it come from? Does it require specific instruments? Are there any cultural influences that could be included? If so, do those influences dictate things like tone, tempo, or pitch? In addition to these are a bevvy of other considerations that help us to feel prepared to actually begin creating your custom music composition.

* while you can use the music in as many projects as you like there are two restrictions: 1. you cannot resell the music or sell a remixed version of it and 2. you cannot claim the music as being your own creation. In addition, we retain the right to list your music in our body of work (online and offline portfolios).

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