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The Realm: A Fantasy Novella

We’re publishing a book with an audiobook companion. It will feature artwork from Paolo Puggioni, music from Nico Vettese, and narration by Tanner Campbell.

Satyr Productions and Matthew Meyer of

We’re happy to announce our most prolific project to date, something we’ve been wanting to do ever since we came across Matthew Meyer’s incredible Yokai-a-day project and his Yokai Encyclopedia. Bringing the Text Alive Beginning today, Satyr Productions will be working with Mr. Meyer to create an audio/visual component for[…]

Welcoming the She Can Make Podcast to the Satyr Family

Satyr Productions is proud to announce the on-boarding of our newest family member, the She Can Make Podcast. Hosted by Kate and Lyndz, this Canadian knitting podcast shares insight and advice, as well as interesting projects going on in its growing knitting community. The hosts have a great relationship and[…]