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6 Tips on Podcast Interviewing

Recently we’ve received a handful of questions from podcast hosts (our clients and not) about how to be better interviewers. Since many podcasts out there these days are interview style programs, we thought we’d provide the best 6 Tips for Podcast Interviewing that we could come up with. Hang on,[…]

Podcasting 101

Podcasting is an art, but it is not an art you need to master before you can practice. This document contains suggestions and advice for first time podcasters which, if we’ve done our job properly, should fully prepare you to start practicing the art of podcasting. Good luck and if[…]

Our Podcast Editing and Mastering Services Explained

custom music composition editing

In order to maintain our high quality of service, Satyr Productions only provides ongoing podcast editing and mastering services to ten podcasts at a time. Once these ten spots are filled the podcasts which filled them are with us until they either stop producing or decide to bring their editing[…]