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The Realm: A Fantasy Novella

We’re publishing a book with an audiobook companion. It will feature artwork from Paolo Puggioni, music from Nico Vettese, and narration by Tanner Campbell.

Hi, we’re the creators of the Legends Myths and Whiskey Podcast and we’re writing a book.

For nearly three years we’ve been bringing you weekly tellings of the great myths and folktales of the world. We’ve shared stories from over 50 different cultures and countries and for each one we composed an original and origin-inspired soundtrack.

Every story we’ve shared has taught us more about ourselves and more about the world around us – both as it was and as it has become. These stories are enlightening and tons of fun to discover and share, and as we went on sharing them we started to want to create our own stories. We tried our hand at it, and wrote an original piece of lore around an Antarctic cryptid known as the Ningen, the first traditional narrative story ever written about it.

After our first year we started putting together larger projects with the idea of improving the standard audiobook experience by soundtracking an entire epic. We started with the shortest but most recognizable epic we could find: Beowulf.

Now we’re creating our own: The Realm.

The realm will be a short original epic inspired by the mythology of Celtic, Greek, Norse, and Japanese Mythology. We expect to finish it by early 2019 and will be releasing it in audiobook and print forms.

If you’d like to have access to chapters as they’re written, consider becoming a formal support of the project at

More details as we progress.


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