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We’re happy to announce our most prolific project to date, something we’ve been wanting to do ever since we came across Matthew Meyer’s incredible Yokai-a-day project and his Yokai Encyclopedia.

Bringing the Text Alive

Beginning today, Satyr Productions will be working with Mr. Meyer to create an audio/visual component for each of the 360 individual Yokai entries in his Yokai Encyclopedia. This audio visual component will consist of a 1 to 3 minute video featuring professional narration, original music, and transitional artwork for each Yokai entry. These videos will appear on each page and also combined into a single playlist for binge-listening/watching. The audio portion of each video will be stripped after the fact and used to create an accompanying podcast to expand the project’s reach.

For the Community

This project is being undertaken pro bono publico. Both Satyr Productions and Matthew Meyer are of the opinion that this simply needs to be done for the sake of more people discovering the amazing cultural information contained within the Yokai Encyclopedia. Everyone involved in the project is donating their time, knowledge, and skills to create something that will enrich the online Mythology and Folklore Community – so this will be a slow going project but one done with care and done for the right reasons.

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