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New Offer: Editing on a Budget

Recently we’ve been approached by a good number of podcasts who’ve expressed an interest in working with us but are facing budget restrictions. As podcasters ourselves we understand the struggle of wanting an improvement to the quality of your show – be it audio, content, or equipment – but being unable to afford it. We also understand that when you’re just starting out, you’re probably spending an overwhelming amount of time editing and that balancing this need with your day job is likely killing you ability to get enough sleep. So we’re offering something we hope can help.

Basic Editing

Our “Basic Editing” package is designed for beginner podcasters who have less than ideal recording environments, low-level gear, a tight budget, and a desire to make their show sound better.

Here’s what you get:

  • Up to four episodes, per month, 60 minutes max each
    • Edited & Engineered
    • Mastered
  • ID3 Tagging
  • Finished Mp3 and WAV files

Here are the caveats:

  • This is best effort editing and engineering
    • If you’re recording in a acoustically-unfriendly environment like a kitchen, empty bedroom, bathroom, or monster truck rally, we’ll make your audio sound better but we can’t make it sound perfect.
  • We’ll cut in an intro, outro, and mid-roll advertisement but
    • Intros and outros must be provided separately and finished
    • Advertisements must be provided separately and finished
  • We’ll cut in music but
    • You must provide that music, it must be finished, and you must either own it or have the necessary rights to use it.
    • We will not cut in sound effects
  • Income raised via sites like Patreon cannot exceed $300 a month. 
    • Why? Because this offer isn’t intended for people who can afford to hire us at our regular rate. It’s intended to help young podcasts who are trying to level the playing field so they can compete with larger budget podcasts.
  • Two speaker limit 
    • Two hosts
    • One host and a guest
  • Each speaker must be on his or her own audio channel. 
  • You must, and this is important, learn to control you conversation
    • The ability for us to make this offer breaks down completely if we have to spend two hours removing umms and uhs, and ahs by hand.

So what’s the cost?

$100 a month. Yes, that cheap. No hidden fees, not surprise taxes, $100 a month, four episodes, a better sounding show.




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