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Our Podcast Editing and Mastering Services Explained

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In order to maintain our high quality of service, Satyr Productions only provides ongoing podcast editing and mastering services to ten podcasts at a time. Once these ten spots are filled the podcasts which filled them are with us until they either stop producing or decide to bring their editing services in-house. While this may seem like a strange approach for us to take, keep these things in mind:


This means more than just editing and mastering their audio; it means getting to know them. We have regular meetings with our customers every month. We work with them to help maximize their quality, we listen to their goals and discuss how we’re on track to achieve them, and we take a personal vested interest in their success. This isn’t just a service, it’s a relationship.


Imagine a small Italian restaurant that grows its own produce, hand-makes its pastas and doughs, and has owners that makes you feel like you’re a part of their family. A ristorante like this can probably only keep up with a limited demand before they have to sacrifice their quality for expediency. We believe that there is such a thing as enough, and for us it’s doing the most we can in the most genuine way we can. That means staying small.


A lot of what Satyr Productions does has nothing to do with podcast editing and mastering. We make a lot of stuff for the general public, for other creatives, and for ourselves. We make audiobooks (which we call Mythosymphonies), film scores, soundscapes, videos, and our own podcasts. If we spent 8-hours a day editing and mastering for others, we’d never get around to creating anything else! Balance plays a key role here at Satyr Productions and it allows us to effectively help others while also giving us the time we need to create a lot of neat stuff!


If you’re looking for someone to edit and master your podcast so that you can focus on the other things you need to do to be successful, here are some answers to the questions we know you’re going to ask.

We charge $150 a month which works out to $37.50 an episode if you publish 4x a month. Publishing fewer than four times a month does not reduce this rate. We do not base our price on hours or minutes, we base it on the commitment and involvement required to truly make your podcast better.

Yes, we will cut these in for you. We can also help you create them if you like. Nico, our in-house composer, can produce a custom intro and outro for your show at no additional cost.

We have a philosophy that you can say everything you need to say in less than 90-minutes and that taking longer to say it is a sign of missing structure.  That being said, we don’t have a hard limit on the length of your podcast. Just know that if you hand us a 5-hour .wav file that requires 3.5-hours be edited out, we’re going to be having a chat about structure, organization, and production best practices.

Yes, while listening to your episodes during the editing process, we’ll create show notes for you. If you have something specific you’d like noted you’ll need to tell us when you submit the audio. Our process for creating show notes is to listen to the episode once it’s all cleaned up and when things of note are referenced we’ll go out and find links to those things and list them in the show notes.

No. Not because we don’t want to but because of the time necessary to do it. No one at Satyr Productions types faster than 80wpm and people speak at an average of 150wpm. This requires a lot of stopping and rewinding and adds hours to the editing process. In the future we may hire someone capable of doing this effectively but for the time being we do not provide transcription in our podcast editing and mastering service.

Yup. You’ll specify the convention to follow and we’ll make sure it gets done.

Maybe. We are not artists, but we are pretty clever graphic designers. The main difference being that we don’t create art from scratch but we can create cover art from various resources that others have created. We are members of Envato’s “Elements” marketplace. This means we have access to thousands of resources that we can combine to create artwork for you. We are willing to do this, but be aware that our skills in this department are limited.

Right, it’s sort of a vague term if you’re not an Audio Engineer. Mastering is the process of creating the master source from which all copies will be made. Part and parcel in this process is the manipulation of the audio itself. This manipulation includes editing – the cutting and pasting and deleting of sections of the recording (the part everyone knows) – and the manipulation of frequencies which has become synonymous with “mastering” but is more accurately “EQ-ing”. We’re not just cutting your audio up to make it flow coherently, we’re adding (and in some cases subtracting) depth, air, presence, and power to your voice. And yes, this includes the removal of background noise.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this isn’t just a podcast editing and mastering service – it’s the application of an entire methodology aimed at making your podcast better with each new episode. So yes, consultation is included.


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