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Voice Actor/Actress Internship

An unpaid internship

Our flagship program, the Legends Myths and Whiskey podcast, is currently on hiatus until Summer 2018. When it returns it will do so with four new PAID POSITIONS: two male voice actors and two female voice actors; individuals we need to vet and hire between now and then. To accomplish this we’ve devised a system of auditioning that we believe is simple, fair, and respectful of everyone’s time.

During the hiatus, LMAW will continue to record and publish stories once or thrice a month. These stories were initially going to follow the same format as all previous stories: strictly narration with any character parts being spoken by narrator in a different pitch or tone. However, given that we need to start getting to know as many vocal talents as we possibly can, so as to make a good hiring decision next year, we thought it might be better to start putting the call out to any interested actors/actresses sooner rather than later – inviting them to freely audition for the stories published during the off-season.

By allowing anyone who is interested to audition freely in any story which interested them, and in trade for something small to add to their talent reel, we can get to know many talents in a short amount of time and have a large pool of qualified candidates when we make our hiring decisions next summer.

How much does the job pay if I get it?

It pays $150 a month for up to 30-minutes of finished audio. To be overly explanatory: “finished audio” means “the end result of your takes”. So, if it takes you an hour to finish a series of lines that only total five minutes, that’s 5-minutes of finished audio not an hour. If you are not utilized in a given month you will still be paid your $150. Consider it a retainer for being available to us. The length of this position is guaranteed only from June 2018 to June 2019; beyond this time frame we have not yet planned.

How it works

To be clear: you are auditioning, by way of donating your acting talent to the LMAW Podcast’s off-season stories, to be in the pool of candidates from which we will hire our four actors next year.

First, if you’re interested, fill out the form below and you will be automatically added to the list. Then, when you’ve received a script via email (usually on Mondays), do the following:

  1. Ask yourself if you want to audition for any of the parts in this story. If not, just sit it out. There will be another script next week or the week after. You don’t have to audition if you don’t want to. But, if you do…
  2. Determine the part you want to read for. Identify the character that speaks to you the most. Don’t audition just to audition, there are plenty of stories to come – just audition for the characters your like and you feel you can perform well.
  3. Record and Export your lines (which will be color coded in the script). Record them in any software you like but be sure to export them at 44.1/16-bit if .WAV and 44.1/16-bit/320kbps if .MP3. You do NOT have to edit your files unless you want to. Even then, please do not edit them unless you are a confident editor. We can do this for you, it’s no trouble.
  4. Submit your lines. Save your files with the following naming convention: FirstnameLastname-StoryTitle-CharacterName.wav. Now navigate to and upload your file. If you are uploading multiple files please compress them as a .zip archive first. Remembering your name in the file name is really important, if you forget it we won’t know who you are.

And that’s it. If we like your reading we’ll contact you and use your audition in the final product. You’ll be mentioned in the the introduction and your name and portfolio link will be placed in the description of the episode.

Participate once, and you’re in the running

You don’t have to audition for every single story. You only have to audition for one and you’ll be part of the pool we choose our new hires from. That said, the more you audition the more we come to get a feel for your range and talent. But auditioning once, and doing a killer job, is enough to get on our candidate list.

If you have any questions, contact Tanner at the email mentioned above or leave a comment below. Thanks!

Get on the audition list

This list requires DOUBLE OPT-IN. That means you’ll get an email confirming that you do indeed want to subscribe to this list. Your privacy is important to us and we want to make sure that you want to be on this list and someone isn’t signing up on your behalf just for laughs.

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