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New Soundscape Released: Heroic King

Satyr Productions is proud to announce…

The release of our first Soundscape Album: Heroic King, the first in a series of license-able scores intended for independent filmmakers, podcasters, and YouTubers.

Heroic King features music fit for a Norse, Celtic, or Anglo-Saxon king. Each track is built off the others and delivers the experience of both the icy fjords of Scandinavia and the rolling rocky highlands of the United Kingdom. Partially inspired by our score of Beowulf: A Mythosymphony, Heroic King draws on an ancient orchestra of forgotten instruments to help you transport your audience from the theater to 1000 AD.

License terms and usage restrictions can be found here.

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29 Total Tracks

License this album to hear the rest and to use it in your commercial or non-commercial production.


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