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Japan: A Mythosymphony

While still in progress (with a proposed completion date of 1/1/2018), this album already contains nearly 50 individual stories that we know people didn’t want to wait to hear. Purchasing the album now will include all future additions to the album.

Satyr Productions is excited to announce their second album, Japan: A Mythosymphony.

With over 100 stories from Japanese mythology and legends, and as translated by F. Hadland Davis in his 1915 publication “Myths and Legends of Japan”, Japan: A Mythosymphony is packed with a wide array of cultural tales from a wide span of dynasties and periods.

Each story is narrated in classic storytelling style and features cultural soundscaping throughout. In addition to the stories and music, this album also features discussion tracks which break down the history and context of these stories in a way that helps the listener to get a fuller picture of Japan as it was when these legends were first written.

  • God and Goddess Create

    Izanagi and Izanami

  • Brother and Sister Fight

    Amaterasu and Susanoo

  • Glory for Gains

    Susanoo and the Serpent

  • The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

    Ame Waka's Folley

  • Cowardice on the Bridge

    The Coming of the August Grandchild

47 Total Tracks

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