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The Music of Beowulf

Beowulf and Grendel's Mother

Satyr Productions is proud to announce…

The release of its first Mythosymphony soundtrack: The Music of Beowulf.

A compendium of the music used in Beowulf: A Mythosymphony and composed completely by Satyr Productions’ own Nico Vettese. From the shores of the Geat homeland to the murky depths of the Lake of Monsters, prepare for a journey across the soundscape of Beowulf. Experience with your ears the beauty of ancient Denmark, the shield crashings of epic battle, and the whelming flames of winged death. This is the soundtrack of the greatest Anglo-Saxon epic of all time.

  • The Beowulf Song

    Of Myths and Legends

  • The Bee Wolf Comes


  • Warcraft Seen

    From Darkness

  • We Lie in Wait

    In Preparation

  • Grendel Crescendo

    The Deathly Stalker

17 Total Tracks

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