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Beowulf: A Mythosymphony

Satyr Productions is happy to announce the release of its first album, and its creation of a new genre, Beowulf: A Mythosymphony.

A fresh reading of Ernest JB Kirtlan’s 1913 translation of the ancient Anglo-Saxon legend, “The Story of Beowulf”, Beowulf: A Mythosymphony features Tanner Campbell as Narrator and Nico Vettese as composer of the score that runs the duration of the story. Also featured is Eric DeMott (BA Art History), who joins Tanner in discussion tracks separate from story. These tracks provide insight, context, and educational value to the listener.

This album is perfect for both the mythology enthusiast and the student. For the enthusiast, the story is well-told and comes to brilliant life with a stunning soundtrack. For the student, the discussion tracks will help make studying easier and can help them to better understand the material.

  • Welcome and Thank You

    An Introduction to Mythosymphonies

  • It Begins

    The Prelude

  • The Other Beowulf

    Chapter One

  • Let's Talk Origins and Geography

    Commentary One

  • The Warcraft of Grendel

    Chapter Two

54 Total Tracks

Purchase the full album to hear the rest.


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