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Satyr Productions has release its second soundscape: Voyage Voyage, the second in a series of license-able soundscapes intended for podcasters, YouTubers, and independent filmmakers. Perhaps it is the gap between the dock and the ship offering to take you on an adventure, or the thin border between where you’ve always[…]

An unpaid internship Our flagship program, the Legends Myths and Whiskey podcast, is currently on hiatus until Summer 2018. When it returns it will do so with four new PAID POSITIONS: two male voice actors and two female voice actors; individuals we need to vet and hire between now and[…]

Satyr Productions is proud to announce… The release of our first Soundscape Album: Heroic King, the first in a series of license-able scores intended for independent filmmakers, podcasters, and YouTubers. Heroic King features music fit for a Norse, Celtic, or Anglo-Saxon king. Each track is built off the others and[…]

Satyr Productions is excited to announce their second album, Japan: A Mythosymphony. With over 100 stories from Japanese mythology and legends, and as translated by F. Hadland Davis in his 1915 publication “Myths and Legends of Japan”, Japan: A Mythosymphony is packed with a wide array of cultural tales from[…]

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