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Bespoke Podcast Mastering and Podcast Editing

We do it by hand, the old fashion way. No algorithms or shortcuts. High quality results or you get your money back.


As podcasters ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to constantly worry that your awesome content won’t be given the time of day because you can’t produce good audio quality. Consequently, this is something we struggled with a great deal when we first started the Legends Myths and Whiskey podcast. Podcast mastering, even just podcast editing in general, has a steep learning curve. Have a listen to the top sample to the right, that was LMAW’s first episode.

Like reading an old sappy Live Journal entry from our teenage years, listening to how we started is truly cringe-worthy. Over time however, through a lot of trial and error and hundreds of hours of teaching ourselves how to be better producers, as a result we became pretty darn good at podcast editing and then eventually podcast mastering. Listen to the second sample now, see if you can hear the difference, it should be really easy!

Podcast Mastering in the Studio

The improvements between Episode #1 and today’s episodes have brought us an ever-increasing audience and were only made possible through repeated failures and hard lessons; no one out there understands the value (and the difficulty) in producing high quality audio for a podcast better than we do.

We can help you focus on your content by taking over the improvement and mastering of your audio. We’ll work with you, one on one, to make each episode sound the best that it can. We don’t use automation and we don’t rely on 3rd party all-in-one solutions; we edit raw audio in ProTools and perform every boost, compression, expansion, dither, every everything, by hand – this really is a bespoke service.


We don’t list our prices because we don’t have any. We want to help podcasters become better, we don’t want them to go broke. That doesn’t mean our service is free, rather it means we work with your budget. Maybe you can only afford $10 an episode, or maybe you can afford $100, regardless of where on that spectrum you fall, we can work something out to help you.

I thought my show, The Twilight Zone Podcast sounded pretty good, but it wasn’t until Satyr Productions mastered one of my episodes that I realised how much better it could actually be. Satyr Productions know exactly what to do to get the best audio experience for your listeners. They’re fast, friendly and above all professional; I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Tom Elliot

Host, The Twilight Zone Podcast

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Our second podcast episode (2015)

We didn’t know anything about audio when we started. We were two newbies sitting at a dining room table in a very empty kitchen.

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Our forty-fourth podcast episode (2017)

Once audio quality became an obsession, it snowballed. We started studying every book we could get our hands on and we learned a thing or two.

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…and then bigger and bigger projects

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